The First Photos Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

The First Photos Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. This week the curtain rises the IFA 2011 , the German electronics fair that marks the latest in the second half of the year. The South Korean Samsung will use the event to unveil some of their news segmeno Galaxy , his family of devices with Android (including phones and tablets ).

A device that could be seen at the event which is scheduled for Thursday would be the Galaxy Tab 7.7 , the fourth tablet of your outpost of personal screens. Although still not been put up for sale model Samsung Tab Galaxy 8.9 , the new terminal is called to complete a poker format that facilitates the user to choose the design that best fits your needs.

Thanks to the guys of Android Life we have to know the will look like the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 . In a pair of filtered images (which, however, they are not of a quality too) we can taste roughly the design of the next tablet of the Korean company , proving to be a device that follows the line of Samsung first generation Galaxy Tab .

They call attention to two points greatly from this Galaxy Tab 7.7 : The location of the dock and native presence in the context capacitive buttons . On the first point, the dock again be in one of the short sides of the design , so that would be connected, so to speak, vertically . This was also the first Samsung Galaxy Tab , which changed with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 , whose harbor was at the long end to plug into horizontal.

Regarding the second point , it is curious that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 remove the control buttons on Android and placed in the frame . As you well know, the version Honeycomb platform Google inserts the four main controls within the system’s touch interface , so the fact that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 puts them in the context portends the possibility (unknown, now) that does not include Honeycomb . In any case, nothing prevents the device provides controls external to the screen while running on Android 3.2.


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Bisbal y Tablada broken

Bisbal y Tablada broken. What until now were only rumors seem to be confirmed: David Bisbal y Elena Tablada have ended their relationship as reported yesterday the website of “Hello.” The magazine notes that although the couple has tried to deal with their differences, have finally decided to part and issue a press release to publicize the news.

The singer from Almería and the designer have a daughter together, little Ella, who was born on February 15 last year and was christened in Miami in March. Since launching their relationship in 2005, David Bisbal, 32, and Elena Tablada, 30, have lived under siege by continuous rumors of separation, but this time from the environment of the couple say the split is official. In fact, it seems that the saying is true that distance makes oblivion, because everything points to the incompatibility of their professional agendas is what has precipitated this outcome. Of course, several weeks ago that some media suggest that the singer would have been quite upset with the publication of photographs that Tablada leaving a nightclub with friends.

According to the site “Vanitatis,” the tense situation would have forced the designer to suspend its participation in a ceremony scheduled for Monday and avoid the harassment of the media. The site also notes as a trigger for the rupture, among other reasons, which table clash would have a staff member who works for the singer. Despite the differences that exist between young people and that seemed to drag on without the engagement perspectives of marriage in sight, in their statements to the media the couple has always been proud of the little family that had built around her daughter Ella. Thus, in one of his many visits to Spain, Elena Tablada said his priority was not to go through the vicarage, but did express his desire to get pregnant before the year is out.

Media harassment
After the controversy surrounding the christening of her daughter in late March, when the couple denounced the harassment of the paparazzi-speculated about possible tensions between Tablada and her family. Something that, but was denied by the protagonists, might have contributed to the wear of the couple. The last time the designer was seen by Spain was the last Thursday in an event organized by the brand Kenzo. Meanwhile, David Bisbal, still immersed in his promotional tour for the album “Without looking back,” Murcia act today to mark the charity concert has been organized for those affected by the earthquake of Lorca, in which he also sing his former girlfriend, Chenoa, Efe reported.

They seemed very well-matched. His last public appearances, it foreshadowed the outcome. In March, David’s parents traveled to Miami to be with a partner (in this), and mid-May, went on vacation to the island of Santorini with her daughter.

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New blood in the CND

New blood in the CND. This can be called the trajectory of Angels Margarit, a member of the first generation of contemporary dancers emerged in the late 70’s in Barcelona, ​​he has composed for the company ‘orbits and drifts. ”

This is a show based on elements such as air and water, to which the dancers have had to prepare especially “different kinetic ‘proposed by the artist himself explains Palito, who will leave the company July 31 after month interim director and as artistic coordinator of eight. Margarit has been defined as “a piece that develops from some of the physical reasons of my choreographic reference. The drop, suspension, momentum, inertia are physical actions that try to live. ”

Alexander Ekman also debuts with “Flockwork” in company with his first major piece, conceived for the Nederlands Dans Theater II, its creator says he has not wanted to repeat exactly the same choreography and rhythmic work in the case of a somehow humorous and visual. The title describes the piece very well. Flockwork is a large group moving aimlessly, creating forms and scenarios around three large tables. ”

And to close, the replacement of “Angelo” by Nacho Duato, which in comparison to the other two will be “classic” as Palito. Premiered in 2000 at the Teatro Real in Madrid, is “a reflection of paradise and hell. It is based on the wonderful Italian Concerti Grossi Arcangelo Corelli, and ends with an aria from Scarlatti’s opera, “Il Primo Omicidio.” Duato has been used mainly slow and adages in a different order than the original. The ballet tells the quest for liberation through death as a gateway to a paradise to release us, “as he explained the choreographer.

In September, Jose Carlos Martinez, still active as a dancer, take the direction of the ship heeled over to the contemporary Duato. He would begin to touch whether classical and neoclassical look at the work that so far no public company has faced in recent years. It will have most of the dancers.

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China, The largest Internet market in the World

China, The largest Internet market in the World. The chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is planning its second visit to China , while the world’s biggest social networks are looking for the best way to expand in that country.

“The mission of our company is really clear, we want to connect the world” , told him president of operations, ” Sheryl Sandberg “at the Global Technology Reuters. “It is impossible to think of connecting the whole world right now without even connect China, ” he added.

China, the world’s largest Internet market by users, is an attractive border for Facebook, which is blocked there .

Zuckerberg visited China in December and met with heads of Chinese Internet companies like Baidu, Sina and Alibaba .

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We want to marry Justin

We want to marry Justin – Missing a few hours to begin the concert, and their cries are heard from afar. Waterfront Sports Palace Community of Madrid, the hardcore fans Justin Bieber chant and dance songs from his idol. Should be in school, but have days sleeping on the street to see the young artist from the first row. “Everything to see Justin,” they say.

Colorful hats, glitter, sequins and sunglasses XXL: the careful clothing of the followers of Bieber is not indifferent to pedestrians, who are surprised by the fuss. Are willing to appear on television, and therefore scurry behind the cameras in different media struggling to put some order to the matter.

Anything used to the hours before the door of the Palacio de Deportes elapsed fast: play ‘Twister’ with tickets on the street, sing, dance, paint their faces … Nothing can spoil the experience.

After more than an hour walking around the vast queue, it is difficult to take his mind off the catchy choruses of songs from the young singer. The Canadian artist’s admirers say “Bieber has it all: He is handsome, sings well, has charisma. “But certainly, what they really have pledged are the romantic lyrics of their songs.

‘As long as happy to see my girl’

Many of the girls ‘groupies’ are days waiting in the street “Keeping strict order queue” but not alone waiting mothers, fathers, aunts and brothers who will take you. However, they did not express concern that their daughters, nieces or sisters attending the school for days and even claim that “the concert is a gift to reward the good behavior of the girls.” More than one parent is slipping some “in order to see my girl happy, whatever.”

But the long-suffering parents guarding the young do not have tickets for the concert, though many profess to have become true fans of Bieber, waiting at the door to her daughters until the show comes to an end.

Bieber is not just for girls

Among the flood of quinceañeras in love with the ‘prodigy’, surprised to find a kid who admits to being such a fan of Justin like them. But why do so few children? Ensure that it is a “matter of envy”, as apparently the phenomenon has also blonde who hates him,specifically, according to these fans have been explained to this newspaper, “most of the guys that are around 15 years.”

The short (but true) with the male audience that has the singer says, “Bieber is a great artist, sings and dances well, composes letters coming …” and why not? also recognize that his body has been a crucial factor for achieving success.

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Different countries are willing to assist Japan

Different countries are willing to assist Japan – Enough help to help those affected by earthquake of magnitude 8.8 on the northeast coast of Japan. The devastating earthquake has been the worst in 140 years in the country and fifth in the world, and has activated grade 2 alert for tsunami not only in the country Japan but also in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Pacific coast of America to complete.

Therefore we have begun to evacuate the areas most at risk of being hit by giant waves. In Philippines, one of the countries most prone to natural disastersThe NGO Action Against Hunger has worked in the evacuation of people, which, as explained, “so far has not panicked and is following in order the instructions of local authorities.” The country has finally been reached by waves of just one meter high, like Indonesia.

Various authorities have offered assistance to Japan and other territories may be affected by the tsunami. Both the EU and the U.S. President, Barack Obama, have been willing and ready to help. In fact, the Nipponese have requested assistance from U.S. troops who are in the affected area.

Italy has been one of the states that have offered assistance, as well as the UK, which held an emergency committee to analyze the situation and have humanitarian aid and rescue teams to send to the affected countries in their request.

For his part, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has sent a telegram stating that “Russia is ready to offer necessary assistance to Japan to overcome the aftermath of the tragedy.”

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WordPress suffers biggest DDoS attack in its history

WordPress suffers biggest DDoS attack in its history – The blogging platform underwent a large-scale attack of hackers, apparently for political reasons , which made some pages will be blocked temporarily and slows down the operation of the platform, according to the website itself in Twitter .

The DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service, DoS attack) caused serious problems. chief, Matt Mullenweg, said the specialized site The Next Web to its servers in Chicago, San Antonio and Dallas were flooded with so much data that it was several gigabytes per second.

The goal of a DDoS attack is thus paralyze servers. Mullenweg said it was the worst attack in the six years of the site , which is believed to have been directed against a particular blog and not against the platform. This blog, says Mullenweg, would be a foreign language.

WordPress is a ‘software’ open for blogging and other web offerings. The platform provides the ‘software’ to users, in addition to hosting the web on their servers. The platform is about 18 million blogs.

The company said in another message on Twitter that their systems were back to normal , although they will continue monitoring.

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