Natural Beauty of Eastern Indonesia

This is the authenticity of papua with natural, cultural and unique characteristic, and the beauty of marine tourism that is not less interesting than other regions
in the world even though Indonesia

Most visited region in eastern Indonesia flabbergast green jungle foliage and a panoramic view of nature offered by the island-shaped head of this bird. potential for tourism which is very complete, with all this is papua cultural authenticity and natural beauty of the sea.

Papua beauty can be felt when you are landing at the airport with the Sentani and beauty are the characteristics Sentari Lake, natural lake, surrounded by hilly island is able to anesthetize the coming holiday. Location not far from the Sentani Airport, Lake has 9,670 hectares wide with 75 m of height above the surface of sea water, in addition to the beautiful lake has a natural form of the fish abundant, the place also features a fishing hut-shaped form as a stage where fishing.

Natural wealth in the most spectacular peak is surrounded by the glorious and eternal snow, Puncak Jaya called Cartenz Peak, a mountain peak that is found by the Dutch in the year 1678 and top of this National Park Laurentz made by the government. This area is a conservation area night Southeast Asia with an area of 2,505,600 hectares, 0-4844 m altitude above the surface of sea water. This area is surrounded by four districts, namely districts Jayawijaya, Mimika, Asmat and Puncakjaya.

Papua food and typical handicraf


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