Gebyok The Classic Ethnic Carvings

Gebyok jewelry engraving is a very complex, to give the impression that ethnic thick.
Gebyog provide aesthetic touch a house in Java

One type gebyok beautiful carvings and classical

Carving is a full and complex elements of the most prominent gebyok, view is just cool enough to give the eyes, especially if there is a house in the spatial

Before popular as the interior elements of the present, gebyok is one element in the custom house Holy. in the past gebyok function as a barrier or partition between the room (jaga satru) and family rooms. In the ancient house of Java, gebyok must be in accordance with the size of a standard custom house.

Another first another now. Now gebyog not only functions as a room devider, gebyok various variations, ranging from the size and type of engraving. In the middle of rush minimalist interior design style, gebyok remain attractive. Gebyok into furniture that is not cracked by time.

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6 responses to “Gebyok The Classic Ethnic Carvings

  1. Nice info…Gebyok…in English..same as like too…?

  2. mantab info tentang ukirannya bro

  3. your post its very helpful so sangant mempunyai nilai arttisitik keep sharing and writing thank you…good job..

  4. nice interior for house….hmm..ithink good invoirenment for house of java

  5. wuih carvingnya mantabbb. jadi pengen punya neh

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