Kaspersky Lab a Technology Patented Anti-Malware

Kaspersky Lab’s leading developer of system security in the success of the technology patents that current information security in the United States. This technology to effectively detect and remove malicious software and remove any trace of the effect is caused by running a script automatically.

Currently, computers are exposed to the growth in the number of malicious programs that continue to increase in complexity and changed quickly. The biggest emphasis now is on methods that ensure the protection of automatic data processing is fast and precise in responding to threats.

However, some technologies often produce false positive or suffer at the lowest level against the new threats were detected.

New technology is patented by Kaspersky Lab is the combination of effective methods of existing and new methods developed for the software against evil. Automatic method is effective in the process data in large volume.

In addition, processing and storage of information in a large number of benefits that help to optimize and train protection system, while security experts have the option to adjust and fine-tuning the system protection when operating.

This combination produces a synergistic effect save resources and provide the level of malware detection is high. The use of empirical data and the ability of the system gradually enables specialization and improvement of its function.

This sophisticated technology found Oleg Zaytsev, Senior Technical Specialist Kaspersky Lab. Patent system automatically collects the statistics in the program and activities.

Information collected from the event logs, the results of scanning and recording system users on a file in quarantine. Data used to identify malware, automatically generate a script to remove the detected threats, and conduct in depth analysis of the system.

Scripts generated by the system and can be enhanced by computer security specialists, which may be useful in cases where the system does not have enough knowledge to develop and make decisions in complex situations.

This allows, the next issue of the same nature to be completed automatically. In other words, because the number of statistical data collected in line with the increased time, the system pro-operating more effectively.

This technology helps improve the response time against new threats that appear and the user’s communication with technical support services. Logic is nebulous and artificial intelligence systems are a patented technology to build knowledge that can be classified and used to conduct the training itself,”said Oleg Zaytsev contriver technologies.

Kaspersky Lab currently has more than 30 patent applications pending in the United States and Russia that are associated with a variety of technology innovations developed by company personnel


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12 responses to “Kaspersky Lab a Technology Patented Anti-Malware

  1. Kaspersky is the best anti virus…thx for share…

  2. KIS memang Anti Virus Nomer wahid coy..

  3. I use kaspersky in my notebook for anti virus ..I admit it's a good anti virus, but I have hard time when the scanning in progress .. I almost can't do anything with my notebook, the processing is so hard ..any idea, why is that so ? kenali dan kunjungi objek wisata di pandeglang

  4. nice, I love kaspersky.Regard friend.

  5. saya dah lama nda pake AVklo error paling format window aja hehe

  6. Mantap sob… thanks udah sharing

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