What do you think Google maps is good or evil ?

Google Maps is a virtual globe map service is free and online provided by Google. Google maps will help others find you, and instead you will find the person you are looking for. Google maps will maps the endemic areas warning swine flu virus or any area affected by the deadly virus, but for certain people google maps great enemy is the fear that you can not escape from this world because google maps will find you. like it was a terrorist, google maps will help police find the man in him, or people who love affair, google maps will become enemies because of google maps will find you when you’re having an affair.
Hati-hati kalau mbah google sudah pasang google maps di Indonesia ….Jangan melakukan hal yang aneh (tidak senonoh) di tempat terbuka bila anda tidak ingin ketahuan di dunia maya, orang akan menemukan anda seperti pada gambar dibawah.wkwkwk, bukan saja Awas Anda yang doyan Suap-Meyuap akan ketahuan KPK ataupun Anda yang doyan selingkuh..ooo ohhh…Kamu Ketahuan Pacaran lagi sama si Dia, kacian dech lhoe

On the other side was the announcement of CriminalSearches.com, a new service from PeopleFinders.com that said it shows where “sex offenders…thieves, violent offenders, murderers, or con artists” live in your neighborhood. The site shows people icons on a Google map; clicking an icon shows a person’s photo, description, address, and criminal history.

PeopleFinders.com said its CriminalSearches.com site lets you scope neighborhoods for people with a criminal history

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8 responses to “What do you think Google maps is good or evil ?

  1. Wah nice info nich, saya biasanya download google earth dloe… Trima kasih infonya sobat

  2. Wkkkhhh…SII Selingkung Itu Indah mang

  3. wew ajib luh… gw pengen bgt tuh pakai adsense google sial

  4. wew ajib luh… gw pengen bgt tuh pakai adsense google sial

  5. nice info… salam kenal mas deni…

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