Blog Profits Blueprint Review

Blog Profits Blueprint is a free ebook in PDF format about making money with blogs from Yaro Starak. The other day I wrote about it but had trouble getting the download. Today I can tell you what I think about it.

free ebookThe first thing to note is despite it being completely free (just provide your email address to get the download link) it is well stuffed with 55 pages of content. Not all of it is brand new and original, but it is all well written and drawn from experience. I couldn’t say that about the majority of ebooks I have bought and paid for so this is an especially good and rare thing about a free ebook (ok, signup incentive, but still free!).

Yaro goes through all you need to know to make money from your blog. Not just the mechanics of monetization but also things like how to choose a blog topic. In addition there is a video screencast where he walks you through his own blog describing how he profits from it.

To get the ebook simply provide your email address. There is also an affiliate scheme that pays a commission should you buy his full training product after reading the free ebook (full disclosure, the links in this post will provide me the same commission if you later sign up to his full program).

Will you suddenly become rich following this advice? Probably not, but you will learn one or two things to help you on your way I am sure. It’s free, what do you have to lose? If you want to make money directly from blogging then Blog Profits Blueprint is well worth a read.

(by : Chris Garrett) …….link
Menurut saya “E-book Blog Profit Blue Print” merupakan E-Book terbaik untuk di baca, e-book tersebut berisi pengalaman seorang blogger yang bernama Yaro Starak, dia telah malang melintang menjalankan bisnis internet melalui blog selama bertahun -tahun , dia telah menerapkan teknik-teknik, skill, komitmen, konsep, ide, trik dan tips serta pemecahan studi kasus sehingga dia menjadi blogger profesional, tahun 2007 dia dalam satu bulan menghasilkan uang $6.459,52. Mungkin anda bingung membaca dalam bahasa Inggris, boro-boro ngerti apalagi buku tersebut 50 lembar pusing dech..tapi jangan takut teman seorang blogger (Agung Firdaus) telah men-translate ke dalam bahasa Indonesia. silahkan download disini gratis.

I am very happy if you become the next Yaro Starak, we build together a better life than the blog and if you have e-book is worth the read sharing with me. Thanks.


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5 responses to “Blog Profits Blueprint Review

  1. Satu bulan menghasilkan uang $6.459,52? Subhaanallah, luar biasa. Berkali-kali daftar google adsense tapi belum berhasil, kata teman2 karena bahasa Indonesia, makanya ditolak.

  2. wah info menarik nih…. sukses selalu sob…

  3. great kob, i will download this module

  4. Ada yg b. indo nya gak…. hehehe

  5. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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