Norway’s Most Desirable Country to Live

Norway to maintain its status as the most desirable country in the world to live. This is according to UN data released Monday (5 / 10), which ranks the countries of sub-Saharan Africa are afflicted by war and HIV / AIDS as the most unattractive.
The data collected before the global economic crisis shows people in Norway, Australia, and Iceland have the best living standards. Meanwhile, Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone are the worst recorded under the terms of human development.
Index UN Development Program (UNDP) set by using 2007 data on GDP per capita, education and life expectancy, and showed marked differences between developed countries and the developing world. “Although there is a significant improvement, progress has been uneven,” the UNDP said in a statement.
“Many countries have experienced a setback in recent decades, faces a declining trend of economic, crisis-related conflict and HIV / AIDS epidemic, and this even before the impact of the global economic crisis is felt.”
The average life expectancy in Niger is 50 years old, about 30 years shorter than in Norway, according to the index. For every U.S. dollar earned per person in Niger, the U.S. dollar gained 85 in Norway.
Half the people in the poorest 24 countries illiterate, compared to 20 percent in countries belonging to the middle level of human development index shows.
The Japanese live longer than other people, ie 82.7 years on average, with life expectancy in Afghanistan is destroyed, the war is only 43.6 years.
Liechtenstein has the highest GDP per capita of 85,383 U.S. dollars in very small kingdom which holds 35,000 people, 15 banks, and more than 100 management companies rich. Poorest people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the average per capita income of 298 U.S. dollars per year.
Five countries – China, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and France – up three levels or more than the previous year, driven by higher income and life expectancy longer. China, Colombia and Venezuela also noted better because improvements in pedidikan.
UNDP, which publishes the index annually since 1990, said the increased human development globally by 15 percent since 1990, with China, Iran and Nepal as the countries that achieved the greatest improvement by the map. (

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