what’s with Jessica Biel ?

Hollywood movie star who is beautiful is not a dangerous person, but the virtual world Biel Jesicca become a deadly threat, is what’s wrong with Jessica Biel, from a security research specialist (McAfee.Inc) Jesicca Bile was recorded as the most dangerous celebrities to search on the internet , for users who search for the keyword “Jessica Biel” Jessica Biel or words ending with wallpapers, screen savers, photo, and video has a 20 percent chance to land at the identified sites contain positive online threats like spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses , or other malware.

Searching for the latest celebrity news and download content these days celebrities about the potential for damage to personal computer users.

“Cybercriminal also a fan of popular stars,” said said Jeff Green, Senior Vice President of McAfee Avert Labs, in its report that VIVAnews quoted August 26, 2009. “They use well-known celebrities to attract Internet users to download malicious software that disguises,” he said.

Green mentions, the user wishes to know the latest news about celebrities and related content is not theoretically dangerous. “However, one just download the wrong, can cause fatal damage to the computer,” said Green.

McAfee made the list this year is the third after their first celebrity collects the most inviting of risk in the year 2007. The complete list of celebrities most ‘dangerous’ in the Internet version of McAfee’s SiteAdvisor technology that uses artificial they may be listened to in the following McAfee page.

Was behind the pretty face and sexy body in the online world is a big threat contains a variety of viruses so be careful with beautiful Celebritis this one.


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  1. hmm…so sexy Jessica ? I am Like it's, Kapan2 Maen yah ke neng Ria wkkkhhh,…!!!

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