Modern Minimalist, a Simple Architectural Design and Dynamic

Modern Minimalist, a Simple Architectural Design and Dynamic – In the year 2009 this concept became the theme of Modern minimalist home designs, modern minimalist became popular because it combines elements of modern architecture is more dynamic. there are many architectural design houses. Want minimalist, classical, Mediterranean, art deco, contemporary, or modern minimalist, you decide. The developer is now glance at modern minimalist style house. This is recognized by the Director of PT Metropolitan Land Gunandito Pandu.

He said, the market is a bit saturated with a minimalist design that became the trend in 2008. Therefore, the possibility of this in 2009 it will build a modern minimalist home design. Purpose is to make people who bought homes in the area of housing is more proud of their home design is very up date.

Minimalist style itself has boomed in the 1980s. However, when re-applied in the 21st century, must have been modernized with a few additions.

“At this moment the concept more minimalist architecture combined with modern materials and with a more dynamic style, ie with the use of architectural forms that are more variable and not rigid. When we look at the architecture of the 1980s, we see a style the minimalist concept that led to the concept of art deco, with the forms a more rigid and monotonous, “said architect Sanny Kurniadi.

Added Probo Hindarto from Astudio, “The principle of minimalist modern architecture really follow the principles of architectural ‘form follow function’ or form follow function. Therefore, the forms which need not be removed. However, in Indonesia, we have ornamentation or decorations are still many used and minimalism has become an architectural style that stands alone. “

“Sometimes a minimalist style is considered a substitute term for modern architectural styles. This can be understood, because the Indonesian culture laden with ornamentation or decoration,” continued Probo.

“Enter” modern style can be done through elections interior and exterior paint, furniture selection, as well as trinkets or accessories that can add value to the house minimalist aesthetic. Each room should be functional, also has ambience that supports the activities in it. Talk furniture, Probo has tips and tricks organize modern minimalist style house for you.

“Usually in accordance with nature, furniture that we use is also simple, functional, and not ornate or no decoration at all. Because when we use the ornate furniture, the modern impression of the design of a room can be chaotic,” explained Probo.

You can choose a wooden chairs with suede seat, dark or bright sofa like a peach, maroon, and beige large or medium sized to be placed in the family room.

Form standing chandelier or a modern lamp can also be applied to curved to support the governance of modern design. The choice is yours. However, in principle, to a modern-style room, at the time of designing the interior of the room, often times we have to go into the room and feel the atmosphere of the room itself.

If we are too often in a room, for example because we are the owner of the house, then we may often lose the “sense of space” as when we first went to a place. Senapas still go green with a campaign that echoed throughout the world, your home should have a garden.

If you have a rest area, do not be wasted. We can immediately planted with crops in the cool and shady right now. If the soil around the house no longer can be used as a park, we can use plants potpot suspended or placed anywhere. In fact we can put a small pot containing the plant on the desk or the corner of the house living room (sindo).


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  1. kayaknya klo dah punya duit bisa pesen disini nih, m kasih kang

  2. Good one on Self Improvement and it helps a lot.Thanks,Karim – Positive thinking

  3. Minimalist's okay as long as you hold Earthquake

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