Asean Basketball League : Satria Muda Britama Losses in Game I

Asean Basketball League, Satria Muda Britama closer to the final failure of Asean Basketball League after the hosts defeated Singapore Slingers with a crushing score of 68-87 in the game I semi-finals.

With this victory, Slingers closer to the final round. To maintain and enforce a third fight up to the final turn, BC must win in the second semi-final fight to be held in Britama Sports Arena, Wednesday (3 / 2) next.

Playing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday (31 / 1) afternoon, BC quite depressed since the early minutes of the game. Despite coming from behind 4-12, Amin et al managed to narrow Prihantono distance to 13-16 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, BC looks better. Despite coming from behind 19-29, the team based in Jakarta was able to keep 31-31 hosted by firing two digits of Rony Gunawan as the game and a half minutes remaining.

However, Michael Wong Soon Yuh and Kyle Jeffers re-create Slingers score increases. No doubt, the first round matches are still closed to kenggulan hosts 35-31.

Post-interval, the appearance SM decreases. Total of only 20 points while the Slingers could successfully posted menceploskan 27 points. As a result, the Slingers still jumawa superiority 11 points, 62-51 in the third quarter.

Actually BC able to cut the distance to nine points, by means of two free shots, so changing the Nakiea Miller to score 62-53 early in the fourth quarter. But the Slingers continued to appear neat and pressed BC.

Slingers onslaught could not detained by BC. Up to three minutes before the dissolution, the BC is still 23 points behind with a score of 82-59.

The rate Slingers unstoppable so until the end of the quarter with a total acquisition of 25 points at quarter end. BC who won only 17 points surrendered by the final score 68-87.

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