Katulampa door Rift

Katulampa. Katulampa water doorman, Bogor, Andi Sudirman, say, the door to the Ciliwung drain a three-foot crack after flash floods hit on Friday evening yesterday.
“It is true crack, cracks along one meter,” Andi said that contacted on Saturday (13/2/2010) tonight. Andi said, the new cracks during the day known as the watch officer cleared Katulampa weir stream. According to Andi, cracks due to age old dam and often under water.
“The name thing is old and always in the water, there is certainly limits the ability to survive. In addition, when flash floods in many materials of wood and hit the door,” he said.
According to Andi, if the water was receding water door made of steel will be welded. About his condition, the door was just cracked, not broken, and still be closed. Welding jobs can not be done, though the water levels had returned to normal in number 50 centimeters.
“If the door is broken, the new water does not unstoppable. But if the cracks could be stemmed from nothing more trees into the river,” he said

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