Obama Was Asked To Talk About Munir

Human Rights Working Groups requested the United States President Barack Obama to give attention to the murder of human rights fighter Munir Said Talib. Rights activist group is asking for Obama to make the discussion of the Munir case as one of the agenda of his visit to Indonesia, next March.
Responding to a request about the Human Rights Working Groups (HRWG) to Obama, the presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha yesterday said it would determine whether the Munir case became one of Obama’s agenda of the visit to Indonesia or not. Accident on February 24 will have a preliminary meeting to discuss the plan of the two heads of state meeting.
“When it became a hot issue, we will provide answers about the case,” said Julian. After all, according to Julian, solving Munir murder case has been run in accordance with applicable legal procedures.
Is the Executive Director Djamin HRWG delivering Rafendi about Munir’s request to Obama in the meeting the Global Human Rights Advocates in the Roosevelt Room, the White House, Washington, DC, Thursday morning local time.
The meeting discussed the role that America may be taken in tackling human rights violations in the world. The event was facilitated by the Freedom House and Human Rights First, two institutions that have special attention to the enforcement of human rights in the world.
Obama, HRWG explain the stagnant resolution of Munir’s murder case. In the eyes HRWG, it happened because of a systematic effort to undermine and ignore the resolution of the first political murder in the reform period.
According Rafendi, Munir case is not only a challenge to get out of Indonesia totalitarian regime. This case is also a challenge for the international community in pursuing democratization and human rights enforcement. “Especially in terms of guarantees of justice, legal protection, and protection of human rights defenders,” he said in a press release Rafendi.
Rafendi also asked Obama to build stronger partnerships and better with Indonesia to encourage internal reform of Indonesia. “Munir’s case to be one indicator of the success of internal reforms,” said Rafendi.
In the meeting, according to Rafendi, Obama says committed to promoting democracy and upholding human rights in the world, and give attention to human rights defenders.
Munir died allegedly due to poisoning with arsenic in travel with Garuda from Jakarta to Amsterdam, Netherlands, on September 7, 2004. In this case, former Garuda pilot, Pollycarpus Priyanto, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The court sentenced the other defendants freely, former Head of State Intelligence Agency Muchdi Pr. (Tempointeraktif.com)

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