Ciwidey Landslide Victims Still Buried

The number of victims buried by landslides still confusing. However, based on data from Pasir Jambu district, as many as 32 people missing and believed buried.

“The data is based on the people who survived and claimed that his family members were buried,” said Kasie Governance Sub Pasir Jambu, Kosasih, when contacted by phone detikbandung, Wednesday (24/2/2010).

Kosasih said, when there is a landslide of about 70 people who were at the scene. Some of them survived the landslide deposits.

“What’s buried in there about 38 people. If that was found dead there are 6 people. So, now there are 32 people buried in landslides and has not been found,” explained Kosasih.

Residents who survived, said Kosasih, it’s been evacuated to a village hall and Tenjolaya people’s homes. “There are 50 more who were evacuated. They were dispersed to village halls and houses around. Purposely we evacuated to safer places. The distance from the scene to evacuate the place was about 32 miles,” lid Kosasih.

At around 08.00 WIB, Selasa (23/2/2010), landslides occurred on the cliffs of Mount Waringin or rather in the tea plantation area of the Gods, Village Tenjolaya, Pasir Jambu Ciwidey District, Bandung regency


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