Meet the Vice President, Russian Ambassador to Discuss Launch of Satellite location in Biak

Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Alexander Ivanov met a vice president in the Office of the Vice President Boediono. Both discuss the acceleration of the development of satellite launch center in Biak, West Papua.

“Russia is very much interested to build a launch in Biak, because the new technology. Satellites are ‘carried’ disposable aircraft. Having reached high enough, the new rocket ignited,” said Vice Speaker, Hidayat Yopie.

It disampaiakn him at a news conference at the Office of the Vice President, Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Thursday (25/2/2010).

According Yopie, one private company in Russia is intended membangunan rocket launch station, but there are some constraints such as copyright protection. Vice President promised to help resolve these obstacles.

“Resistance is only a technical matter of course,” continued Yopie.

It said he, Indonesia and Russia have close cooperation related to space technology. Many experts from the Institute of Aviation and Space (LAPAN) which mempelajai satellite technology in the country.

“Indonesia is expected to be a country profile, which can reach the state space,” he explained.

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