The Largest Earthquake in The History Of Chile

Chile earthquake occurs with strength 8.8 Richter scale on February 27, 2010 off the coast of Concepción, Chile. The earthquake was up to the Chilean capital, Santiago, and several cities in Argentina.

Point is at the epicenter of the earthquake off the coast of Maule, about 6.4 km west Curanipe, Chile and 115 north-northeast of the second largest city in Chile, Concepción. The earthquake occurred at 3:34 local time and reported feeling the earthquake of 10-30 seconds

The earthquake occurred on the border between the Nazca Plate with the South American Plate. The characteristics of this earthquake focal mechanism fault rises, caused by the Nazca plate subduction under the South American plate.

Tsunami warning was given to Chile and Peru, while the tsunami warning was also going to Ecuador, Colombia, Antarctica, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Tsunami warning was later extended to the entire Pacific Ocean region, except for the western coast of the United States, British Colombia, and Alaska. The height of the tsunami reaching 2.6 meters (8.6 feet) occurs at sea Valparaiso, Chile. “Massive earthquake strikes Chile”, BBC News. Retrieved on February 27, 2010.  The height of the tsunami to reach 2.34 meters recorded in Talcahuano, Region Biobío.

Aftershocks recorded after 6.2 strength earthquake 20 minutes first. Two aftershocks with the strength 5.4 and 5.6 followed.  The USGS said that ‘a large vigorous aftershock sequence can be expected from this earthquake “.

Juan Fernández Islands in the Pacific Ocean about 667 km off the coast of Chile, local residents reported “there was a large wave (una ola de gran Tamaño)” in the main cities, but do not know the damage that occurred.

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