Mega Man 10 | Seri Terbaru Game Mega Man

Latest game series predecessor mega man 9, shows some scenes are more exciting, and very fun to play. below is a game review of Mega Man 10 are derived from Do you like this game please read it.
The Blue Bomber returns to save the day from a mysterious robot virus in Capcom’s Mega Man 10, the latest installment in the long-running series. It follows in the footsteps of 2008’s Mega Man 9, returning to the series’ roots in a classic NES style adventure. Has the nostalgia worn off, or do some new additions keep this throwback feeling fresh?
It’s business as usual for Mega Man, who’s out to dispatch eight robot masters en route to uncovering the cure to Roboenza, a virus that’s causing robots everywhere to go haywire. It’s typical Mega Man fare, with all the campy moments we’ve come to expect. While its predecessor had more fun mocking the series’ running gags and themes, 10 has its moments. The story elements are a nice touch, but this time around, it’s more about the action.

Mega Man 10 features many of the modes found in its predecessor, though it tags on a new challenge mode with 100 various tests of skill that really extend the replay value. The main game has you inching your way to the eight robot masters and the inevitable levels beyond leading up to the final confrontation. There’s action aplenty with hardly a moment’s rest as you tackle numerous enemies, death traps, and obstacles. Though you’ll have to deal with a fair number of segments that require mere trial and error, there are check points to alleviate some of the tedium. One cool touch with the boss battles is that even after you discover a given one’s weakness, you’ll often still have a challenge ahead of you. To be continue please click here


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