Prancis Vs Uruguay

Prancis Vs Uruguay Now, all the teams in Group A obtained a value of one because before Africa and Mexico are also playing a draw, but they fill the positions one and two because they each scored one goal. Prancis Vs Uruguay : 0 – 0
Back to the game, lasted fast tempo, both teams more often to distribute the ball through short passes. Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez use the 4-4-2 pattern, Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez fill the two posts at the forefront. While Raymond Domenech who wear French use 4-3-3 formation with Nicolas Anelka in the heart of the defense the opponent operates with the help of Sidney Govou and Franck Ribery on the right and left.
Directly threaten Uruguay Govou goal when entering a new game five minutes. Ribery is able to escape from the hard tekel directly off the left wing cross into the middle of the penalty box horizontally. Govou Sontekan entered from behind distracted by Diego Godin was widened so that ball on the left side is guarded by Uruguayan goalkeeper Muslera Bestor.
The threat changed, now turn to Uruguay by Forlan at minute 15. Striker Villareal, who scored seven goals during the qualifying rounds this time to outwit two French defenders before shooting hard. Hugo Lloris guarding the goalpost Les Blues still spry to block the ball.
Two minutes later a free kick from Yoann Gourcuff right side of the Uruguay defense leads to the upper right corner of the goal, lucky Muslera quick to react and produce only football corner.
Anelka had tried peruntungannta 42 minutes. After receiving feedback Bacary Sagna who rose to help the attack, assailants fired Chelsea speculation from outside the penalty box but still too far to the right direction.
Until the referee blows Pluit Half-time scoreboard still read 0-0.
Entering the second half, tempo slightly decreased. Though still attacking each other but both teams seemed to be more careful. But Tabarez instructed his subordinates to be more daring dribbling longer.
55 Minute French midfielder Jeremy Toulalan had time to release a horizontal distance shots but still managed to be rescued Uruguay goalkeeper. Four minutes later Ribery’s turn to do the same but the result is the same, widened.
62 minutes Tabarez interest Ignacio Gonzalez and Nicolas Lodeira enter. While Forlan minute free-kick after 63 minutes landed right into the arms of Lloris who appeared calm in this game.
Les Blues mennguasai ball more visible, Toulalan and Gourcuff played quite nicely in the midfield balance. Yet they are but it is difficult to penetrate into the heart of his opponent’s defense. On the other hand counterattack Uruguay trouble several times through the two wings of the French.
Feeling less greget, Domenech to replace Anelka with 72 minutes of Thierry Henry. While Luis Suarez who looked exhausted pulled out, Sebastian Abreu signed in his place.
Shortly after Forlan had a good chance. Utilizing the throw into the penalty box far, making a direct free-standing Forlan volley but unfortunately the ball wide on the right pole gawanag Lloris a dead measures.
To add power bang on, Domenech played Gourcuff replaced Malouda coming in 74 minutes. Player The Blues This was given the freedom to do long-distance kicks, one on 79 minutes but again left him off to the opposing goal.
Nicolas Lodeiro 80 minutes into the player confirmed receiving the first red card in the World Cup in 2010 after prop Sagna. The right wing is receiving a second yellow card.
Domenech spent the allotted 84-minute turn of the player when it interesting to play Govou André-Pierre Gignac. Two minutes later, Diego Perez, out since Tabarez played Sebastian Abreu.
The last ten minutes to master the game of practical French. They did not seem like a waste of Uruguay who played with 10 men. Even so the ball can not touch the nets and equipment. Score goggles lasted until finished. Prancis Vs Uruguay Skorer 0 – 0

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