Brazil vs North Korea 2 -1

Brazil vs North Korea 2 -1 . Mysterious, as was predicted earlier. Brazil to require 45 minutes of the second to win their first match against North Korea by a thin score 2-1.

Brazil dominated the game early in the game. However, two goals victory troops “Seleccao” that achieved in the second round by Maicon and Elano. Meanwhile, North Korea scored a reply from the foot of Ji Yun Nam. With this victory, “Seleccao” topped Group G standings with three points.

The match started with a temperature of minus 1 degree. Brazil was favored to win with attacking football which has been glorified diagung not visible in the first round, although Brazil dominated the game. Invisible creative ideas from the retainer to Brazil. Although the penetration of various lines, always run aground on the Brazilian attack North Korea defense.

North Korea instead of the players did not provide resistance. Through a tactical game and moving on various fronts, North Korea a little trouble in the first round of Brazil.

Only in the second round of Brazil’s game began to increase. Bastos got through a free kick opportunity, unfortunately, his kick just wide.

55 minutes, Maicon be a savior. Through a kick from a narrow angle, kick that curved into the goal guarded by Ri Myong woof, North Korea goalkeeper.

North Korea began to slack defense. Robinho with brilliant breakthrough which then feeds Elano were completed at minute 72. Score 2-0 to the champion favorite.

North Korea before the end of the game by kicking out the position of Ji Yun-Nam in the 88th minute.

The composition of players

Brazil: 1-Julio Cesar; 2-Maicon, 3-Lucio, 4-Juan, 6-Michel Bastos, 5-Felipe Melo (18-Ramires 83 ‘), 8-Gilberto Silva, 7-Elano (15-Dani Alves 72’) , 10-Kaka (21-Nilmar 78 ‘), 11-Robinho, 9-Luis Fabiano.

North Korea: 1-Ri Myong-woof; 5-Ri Kwang-chon, 2-Cha Jong-hyok, 13-chol-jin Pak, 3-Ri Jun-il, 8-Ji Yun-nam, 11-Mun In-woof (6 Kim Kum-il 80 ‘), 17-An Yong-right, 4-Pak Nam-chol, 10-Hong Yong-jo, 9-Jong Tae-se.


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