World Cup Winner Arrested Survived Italy 1-1 Paraguay

World Cup  Winner Arrested Survived Italy 1-1 Paraguay – Italy needed a goal that was leveled in the second half of Daniele De Rossi, to make a domicile to be 1-1 with Paraguay in their first match in Group F World Cup, Monday (Tuesday at dawn GMT). 
Antolin Alcaraz make Paraguay superior first through-minute header with just 39 after the Italian defending champion began his title defense with a flat performance in the rain in Cape Town.
Italy play better in the second period by successfully equalized after a mistake at the goalkeeper again made the 63rd minute.
Paraguay, who beat Brazil and Argentina in the qualification should not need to scare the defending champion, but the World Cup record for those who have never passed the second round seven times in their efforts, escaped from the group stage four times, always shadowing them.
The game somewhat tortuous and less developed in the early first half minutes before the start of life on the 39th.
Aureliano Torres Alcaraz off a free kick and show his sincerity by jumping early and higher above Fabio Cannavaro, to do the hard header can be reached without Gianluigi Buffon.
This is a shocking blow for the Italians, who had never seen in the previous threat, even if they do not appear able to score a goal.
Italy was forced to enter Federico Marchetti replace Buffon after the break, but it was at the other end of the field where they need inspiration.
Italy finally equalized when Justo Villar trying to hit the ball from corner kick but failed and Simone Pepe De Rossi stretched his legs enough to drive the ball from close range into the empty goal.
Paraguay has a chance to add goal but the shot from Enrique Vera and substitute Jonathan Santana wide to the side of the goal.
Italy continued to press the opponent’s defense in the last ten minutes in an effort to seize victory, but a strong defense to make Paraguay could sustain such a draw.
Italy, who will face New Zealand and Slovakia in the remaining group games, will look to for inspiration memories of 1982, when they played a draw in the first game but then won the tournament.

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