Ivori Coast vs Portugal : Review Fifa World Cup 2010

Ivori Coast vs Portugal : Review Fifa World Cup 2010 – Fight between Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba failed to create since the beginning of the game. At this meeting against Portugal, Ivory Coast coach Sven-Goran Eriksson chose stoke Drogba. While Ronaldo remains the main cornerstone Seleccao.
Line Up Portugal: (4-1-2-3) Eduardo Ferreira, Bruno Alves, Carvalho, Fabio Coentrao, Deco, Mendes, Raul Meireles, Ronaldo, Liedson, Danny.
Ivory Coast Line Up: (4-4-1-1) Barry, Demel, Toure, Zokora, tiene, Eboue, Toure Yaya, Tiote, Gervinho, Dindane, Kalou.
Interesting followed the events that occurred at the second meeting of the team this time from Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth. Time indicates minutes per minute when interesting events happen.
0 – Kick-off of Côte d’Ivoire vs Portugal
2 – Violation of the first in this fight by Raul Meireles of Portugal stronghold
5 – In the five minutes of playing hard on both sides directly with tekel-tekel dangerous enough.
6 – Violations by Salomon Kalou (Ivory Coast) against Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
7 – The first yellow card given to Didier Zokora (Ivory Coast).
8 – Ronaldo free-kick hit the fence only calves and produced a corner for Portugal football.
9 – Football a corner taken by Deco.
11 – Testing-kick from outside the penalty box by Ronaldo but still hit the goalpost.
14 – Opportunity first reached the coast of ivory through Siaka tiene kick left foot which is still widening.
17 – Spurn Cheikh Tiote (Ivory Coast) tmasih soared above the crossbar Eduardo (Portugal).
20 – Yellow cards for two players at once, Guy Demel (Ivory Coast) and Ronaldo (Portugal).
23 – Violation by Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast) to Deco.
24 – Experiment kick by Gervinho (Ivory Coast) are still able to be swept by Paulo Ferreira (Portugal).
27 – Football diambol corner for Ivory Coast by Emmanuel Eboue.
28 – Tekel hard done Pedro Mendes on Eboue. But it does not produce a yellow card.
30 – Entering the 15th minute before halftime, the game on both sides is much reduced. Running game tends to slow down.
33 – Violation made against Ronaldo tiene.
35 – Both sides began to trouble creating chances. Internsitas any attack decreases.
40 – Violation by Danny (Portugal) on Eboue.
41 – Four minutes past the Ivory Coast are more dominant in the control of the ball.
45 – The first round ended.

45 – Kick-off second round of the Ivory Coast 0-0 Portugal
47 – Football in the second round the first corner to the Ivory coast.
48 – Chaos in the face of the goal can still be secured by Portugal goalkeeper Eduardo.
49 – Drogba looks to start heating on the sidelines.
50 – Salomon Kalou (Ivory Coast) failed to take advantage of Dindane cross from the right side.
54 – Experiment kick by Eduardo Kalou could still be saved.
55 – Substitution of players in the stronghold of Portugal: Siamo Sabrosa signed to replace Danny.
58 – Tandukan Liedson utilizing cross Deco could still be secured Ivory Coast goalkeeper, Boubacar Barry.
60 – Opportunities to get Gervinho, but has not produced results.
62 – Substitution of players in camp Portugal: Tiago signed to replace Deco.
63 – Violation by DIndane (Ivory Coast)
66Pergantian Ivory Coast players in camp: Drogba was eventually signed to replace Kalou. Interestingly, just before Drogba came in, stopped Vuvuzela blown trumpet, and loud applause greeted Drogba’s presence in the field.
70 – Football a corner for Portugal taken by Simao.
71 – Portugal’s soccer gets two consecutive corners, but failed to create dangerous opportunities.
72 – Kick salto Liedson on Pedro’s arm. But the Portuguese midfielder could still rise.
74 – Violation done Zokora. Quickly taken free kick by Liedson.
77 – Raul Meireles still hard kick wide of the target.
80 – Ronaldo free-kick from a distance of about 30 meters was wide on the left side of goal.
82 – Substitution of players in camp Côte d’Ivoire: Popito entry replaces Gervinho.
85 – Substitution of players in the stronghold of Portugal: Ruben Amorim signed substitute Raul Meireles.
86 – Kolo Toure (Ivory Coast) received treatment in the middle of the field.
88 – Substitution of players in camp Côte d’Ivoire: Romaric signed to replace Eboue.
90 – The game that was attended by about 37.034 spectators enter time injury-time three minutes, with the score still glasses.
90+1 – The first opportunity to get Drogba but has still not paid off.
90 +3 – match ended. Ivory Coast and Portugal had to settle for sharing a score of glasses in their first match.

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