Argentina vs South Korea (Korsel), Prediction World Cup

Argentina vs South Korea (Korsel), Prediction World Cup – In Group B, while the position of Argentina was under South Korea having lost productivity goals. When Argentina struggled to bend Negeria, South Korean vice versa managed to surprise Affairs Greek god with a 2-0 victory.

No wonder if the match Argentina vs South Korea Thursday (17 / 6) to determine who is more used to advance from Group B. As against Nigeria, Argentina appeared to aggressively use 4-3-3 formation. Trio Messi, Higuain and Tevez became mainstays on the front lines. While Messi is given the freedom to launch operasim Although he often made a breakthrough through the defense of the opponent, but the winning goal Tim Tango in fact created defender Gabriel Heinze.

Meanwhile, South Korean coach Huh Jung-Moo when mengalahakan Greece using 4-4-2 pattern. He put two strikers in front of the Ki-Hun and Chu yuong. But two goals from nesting in goalkeeper Alexandros Tzorvas (Greece) just came over defender Lee Jung-Soo in the first half minute 7 and goals midfielder and captain South Korean Park Ji Sung who do actions a solo run at half to two minutes 52.

Seeing the results match the prime of each team, there must be things we can cermati.Pertama, Both Argentina and South Korea can create a goal quickly in the early rounds pertama.Kedua, players front lines both Argentina and South Korea untested sharp. Third Coach Diego Armando Maradona and Huu Moo Jung is a former player in their respective countries who now earn the trust into a world class coach.

In this second game, both coaches are expected to maintain the composition of the players. Maradona still entrust Juan Sebastian Veron and Javier Mascherano as a supplier of ball and balancing team.

So also for goalkeeper Sergio Romero still safe, the defense sector Walter Samuel, Demichels Heinze and Junas Guiterres must be more disciplined to maintain the zone defense from attacks by a forward and midfielder Korea commanded Park Ji Sung and Lee Chung yong.

In the face of aggressive play Argentina with Lionel Messi, Tevez, Higuain in front, it will be troublesome defense Korea. Coach Huu Moo Jung certainly will adjust the strategy and tactics game in a different field when faced with Greece.

Defense sector will get special attention in the deadly movements of mercurial Messi so tidak freely tore destroy the defense and score goals. And one more effort to turn off the supply bola Veron seems the duty of Lee Joong Soo, Cho Yong-Hyung, Cha Du ri and Lee Young Pyo.Sedangkan Jung Sung-Ryong will escort wicket South Korea from being broken.

So the two teams match is proving the sharpness of the event ahead of Argentina and South Korean players, two coaches at the same time kapiawaian test, both Huu Jung-moo and Maradona.

Origin Argentina not underestimate South Korea, then the advantages troops Maradona was able to overcome South Korea 2-0.

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