Orchard Road Singapore Floods

Orchard Road Singapore Floods  – A number of vehicles broke down due to flooding that inundated Orchard Road, Wednesday (16 / 5). Torrential rains and high tide, making the famous streets under water up to half a meter.

Roads in town Medan floods stagnant water, this already (very) ordinary. Understandably this routine that residents face Medan when the rains come. But when the streets in Singapore, let alone Orchard Road’s famous flood, it just was not normal! Understandably island states of the small known drainage (drainage) was very good.

But that’s what happened yesterday, Wednesday (16 / 5), Orchard Road flood! Journalists analysis located in the Meritus Mandarin Hotel, seen from above, the atmosphere is a very known tourist Indonesia were pooled flood reaches a height of up to half a meter.

The high flood that accompanied the water is rushing to make some people residing in these locations joked that Orchard Road has been transformed into Orchard River (River Orchard)!

Flood was making frantic Singaporeans who are not used to dealing with floods. According to records, the flood type most recently happened in Singapore in the 1960s! Flood was inundated shopping malls are crowded like Lucky Plaza, and Ion Plaza. The shops are located in the basement of Lucky Plaza almost submerged completely while Starbucks at Ions Plaza also nearly drowned.

A number of vehicles, both personal and public buses, strike mengakibat passengers to get off to cross the water flow is heavy. Faces of worry was evident in between the driver and passenger.

But this flood also indicate ‘excess’ Singapore. Authorities from the military (Singapore Civil Defence Force) and the Public Utilities Board (PUB) – a kind of PU in Indonesia – with a swift and rapid action.

Military least save around 70 people trapped on the bus and PUB successfully drained the flood in a matter of hours!. According to authorities this flood caused by rain 100 milimiter which declined from 9 am to 11 am and accompanied by a rising tide is high on the coast of Singapore.

Previously, officials in Singapore is often asserted that the flood would never happen in Orchard Road. Understandable way to the location required by tourists that have drains a very large, called the Canal Stamford. Besides the Singapore government has a vacuum water capacity of the giant. But indeed nature unpredictable. And the flood was pooled Orchard Road.


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