Spain vs. Switzerland, Spain Not Lucky in Africa

Spain vs. Switzerland, Spain Not Lucky in Africa Spain’s defeat of Switzerland 0-1, Wednesday night, I guarantee you make a lot of surprise. With the status of the European champion in 2008, who also regretted epithet Matador team that could lose to Swiss ? Before the game last night of Switzerland, ranked 24th, did not even win the world’s second ranking. Below the video goal that makes spain crying because they have to recognize the superiority of Switzerland 1-0.

But that’s a fact that happened in Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban. Gelson Fernandes single goal on 52 minutes, forcing the Spanish subdued in their opening match in Group H.
For Switzerland this is their first victory of Spain since the two met in June 1925. Switzerland to improve their attendance record became one wins, three draws and 15 loses.
As for Spain, the defeat in this World Cup, actually not too surprising — if you look at their record in this event four years. In fact, increasingly reinforce its status as a great team but always failed at the World Cup. At 12 times the previous participation, the best achievement Matador team is ranked fourth in World Cup Brazil 1950.
About the game may have been much discussed. Anyone-anyone who played the Spanish star, how they mastered the game – FIFA statistical records mentioned 63% mastery of the ball to Spain and only 37% for Switzerland. They also made efforts to score 24 times, three times more than Switzerland which only eight times.
Okay, the Spanish are still have two races left, against Honduras (June 21) and Chile (June 25). But, what they could shatter the myth, there’s no team that can win if you lose in the first game?
One again, South Africa does not seem to give good luck to Spain. When appearing in the Confederations Cup in 2009, which was also held here, they lost in the semifinals 0-2 by the United States. What they can eliminate this trauma?
Personally, I, hoping that Spain could snap it both ways. : D

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