Wasolim, Applications Given Prayer Time Based GPS / BTS for BB

Wasolim, Applications Given Prayer Time Based GPS / BTS for BB – The only un-Islamic content on the mobile application category in INAICTA 2010 was named Wasolim, prayer time reminders and Imsakiyah for BlackBerry, this program we completed in two weeks and it even has a user downloaded outside of Indonesia.

Wasolim Aplication

“This program we completed in two weeks, and the material has been downloaded the user outside of Indonesia. Some users who download this application comes from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, Japan, and even our neighboring country of Malaysia,” said Achmad Ferdyansah as the developer of this application, Friday (23/07/2010).

Wasolim indeed use English in the user interface, it is intended that this application can be used all over the world.

Wasolim working principle is to remind the schedule for daily prayers and monthly, based on GPS and base stations of mobile phones. So when someone in another city, he simply wrote down the name of the town, and soon gave Wasolim prayer schedule.

“The strength of this application lies in the keyword search feature as well as location-based city-based. The interface is not too complicated,” added Ahmad. In addition Wasolim also armed with Google’s mapping. By utilizing the coordinates of Google, according to the schedule sent directly Wasolim local time.

For the amount claimed by Achmad pengunduhnya own 100 thousand applications have penetrated the downloader, since May 2010. Wasolim also been supporting all types of BlackBerry except the Pearl series.

Interested? Download it at wasolim.com, or directly from their respective handest. This application was developed by Ferdyansyah Achmed, Abdul Aziz Rahman and Dwian Rusendro.


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