Sports illustrated swimsuit 2011

Sports illustrated swimsuit 2011 – I wrote a while ago about the fact that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 would be coming to PSN in 3D.  It has been hotly anticipated but I’m pleased to confirm that is now available for download from the video section of the PSN Store on PlayStation 3.  It is available to rent for £4.49 ($7.24) or to purchase for £8.99 ($14.49).  The American prices quoted are my own conversions as I don’t know yet exactly what the price will be there.  The video is 31 minutes in length and weighs in at a whopping size of 1.4GB.

For anyone who is yet to be convinced by the price point (which is a little high in my opinion) there is a free 3D sneak peek you can download to test the waters.  Also for those without a 3D TV you can rent (£3.49, $5.63) or buy (£5.49, $8.86) the 2D HD version.  Again US prices are estimates and meant to be indicative only.

I’m currently waiting for the 3D video to download but will be out for most of the day so I will update this article with my opinions later once I’ve had chance to watch it.  In the meantime if you’ve downloaded either the 3D or 2D version please share you thoughts in the Comments section below. (source :


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  1. last minute wycieczki

    Thank you for rhe news, love to hear more.

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