Samsung 3D TV in 2011

Samsung 3D TV in 2011 – Samsung expects to sell 10 million of 3D TV in 2011. For his part, his rival LG expects 5 million items for the same period. And consumers, they believe what?

Samsung and LG want to boost their sales 3D TV 2011. The two Korean ambitious targets for the current year, the first building on sales of around 10 million units, whereas the second half is 5 million 3D TV. Samsung, meet this objective would be to multiply by 5 its sales of 3D TV, Korean who managed to place 2 million in 2010. A situation common to most manufacturers, the 3D market with great difficulty to take off and the most optimistic observers not seeing what segment really start until 2014.

It is also necessary that consumers are really convinced of the usefulness of 3D on their TV and that contents are at the rendezvous (Which hardly the case now). But as rightly pointed EngadgetTo boost the sales of 3D TV, manufacturers may also choose to flood the market with these TVs at the expense of non-3D models. In this case, content or not, desire to 3D or not, joining the technology or not, buyers of new posts would almost no choice but to opt for models with the terrain. (EP)

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