Bisbal y Tablada broken

Bisbal y Tablada broken. What until now were only rumors seem to be confirmed: David Bisbal y Elena Tablada have ended their relationship as reported yesterday the website of “Hello.” The magazine notes that although the couple has tried to deal with their differences, have finally decided to part and issue a press release to publicize the news.

The singer from Almería and the designer have a daughter together, little Ella, who was born on February 15 last year and was christened in Miami in March. Since launching their relationship in 2005, David Bisbal, 32, and Elena Tablada, 30, have lived under siege by continuous rumors of separation, but this time from the environment of the couple say the split is official. In fact, it seems that the saying is true that distance makes oblivion, because everything points to the incompatibility of their professional agendas is what has precipitated this outcome. Of course, several weeks ago that some media suggest that the singer would have been quite upset with the publication of photographs that Tablada leaving a nightclub with friends.

According to the site “Vanitatis,” the tense situation would have forced the designer to suspend its participation in a ceremony scheduled for Monday and avoid the harassment of the media. The site also notes as a trigger for the rupture, among other reasons, which table clash would have a staff member who works for the singer. Despite the differences that exist between young people and that seemed to drag on without the engagement perspectives of marriage in sight, in their statements to the media the couple has always been proud of the little family that had built around her daughter Ella. Thus, in one of his many visits to Spain, Elena Tablada said his priority was not to go through the vicarage, but did express his desire to get pregnant before the year is out.

Media harassment
After the controversy surrounding the christening of her daughter in late March, when the couple denounced the harassment of the paparazzi-speculated about possible tensions between Tablada and her family. Something that, but was denied by the protagonists, might have contributed to the wear of the couple. The last time the designer was seen by Spain was the last Thursday in an event organized by the brand Kenzo. Meanwhile, David Bisbal, still immersed in his promotional tour for the album “Without looking back,” Murcia act today to mark the charity concert has been organized for those affected by the earthquake of Lorca, in which he also sing his former girlfriend, Chenoa, Efe reported.

They seemed very well-matched. His last public appearances, it foreshadowed the outcome. In March, David’s parents traveled to Miami to be with a partner (in this), and mid-May, went on vacation to the island of Santorini with her daughter.


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