New blood in the CND

New blood in the CND. This can be called the trajectory of Angels Margarit, a member of the first generation of contemporary dancers emerged in the late 70’s in Barcelona, ​​he has composed for the company ‘orbits and drifts. ”

This is a show based on elements such as air and water, to which the dancers have had to prepare especially “different kinetic ‘proposed by the artist himself explains Palito, who will leave the company July 31 after month interim director and as artistic coordinator of eight. Margarit has been defined as “a piece that develops from some of the physical reasons of my choreographic reference. The drop, suspension, momentum, inertia are physical actions that try to live. ”

Alexander Ekman also debuts with “Flockwork” in company with his first major piece, conceived for the Nederlands Dans Theater II, its creator says he has not wanted to repeat exactly the same choreography and rhythmic work in the case of a somehow humorous and visual. The title describes the piece very well. Flockwork is a large group moving aimlessly, creating forms and scenarios around three large tables. ”

And to close, the replacement of “Angelo” by Nacho Duato, which in comparison to the other two will be “classic” as Palito. Premiered in 2000 at the Teatro Real in Madrid, is “a reflection of paradise and hell. It is based on the wonderful Italian Concerti Grossi Arcangelo Corelli, and ends with an aria from Scarlatti’s opera, “Il Primo Omicidio.” Duato has been used mainly slow and adages in a different order than the original. The ballet tells the quest for liberation through death as a gateway to a paradise to release us, “as he explained the choreographer.

In September, Jose Carlos Martinez, still active as a dancer, take the direction of the ship heeled over to the contemporary Duato. He would begin to touch whether classical and neoclassical look at the work that so far no public company has faced in recent years. It will have most of the dancers.


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