The First Photos Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

The First Photos Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. This week the curtain rises the IFA 2011 , the German electronics fair that marks the latest in the second half of the year. The South Korean Samsung will use the event to unveil some of their news segmeno Galaxy , his family of devices with Android (including phones and tablets ).

A device that could be seen at the event which is scheduled for Thursday would be the Galaxy Tab 7.7 , the fourth tablet of your outpost of personal screens. Although still not been put up for sale model Samsung Tab Galaxy 8.9 , the new terminal is called to complete a poker format that facilitates the user to choose the design that best fits your needs.

Thanks to the guys of Android Life we have to know the will look like the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 . In a pair of filtered images (which, however, they are not of a quality too) we can taste roughly the design of the next tablet of the Korean company , proving to be a device that follows the line of Samsung first generation Galaxy Tab .

They call attention to two points greatly from this Galaxy Tab 7.7 : The location of the dock and native presence in the context capacitive buttons . On the first point, the dock again be in one of the short sides of the design , so that would be connected, so to speak, vertically . This was also the first Samsung Galaxy Tab , which changed with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 , whose harbor was at the long end to plug into horizontal.

Regarding the second point , it is curious that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 remove the control buttons on Android and placed in the frame . As you well know, the version Honeycomb platform Google inserts the four main controls within the system’s touch interface , so the fact that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 puts them in the context portends the possibility (unknown, now) that does not include Honeycomb . In any case, nothing prevents the device provides controls external to the screen while running on Android 3.2.


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