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China, The largest Internet market in the World

China, The largest Internet market in the World. The chief executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is planning its second visit to China , while the world’s biggest social networks are looking for the best way to expand in that country.

“The mission of our company is really clear, we want to connect the world” , told him president of operations, ” Sheryl Sandberg “at the Global Technology Reuters. “It is impossible to think of connecting the whole world right now without even connect China, ” he added.

China, the world’s largest Internet market by users, is an attractive border for Facebook, which is blocked there .

Zuckerberg visited China in December and met with heads of Chinese Internet companies like Baidu, Sina and Alibaba .


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Different countries are willing to assist Japan

Different countries are willing to assist Japan – Enough help to help those affected by earthquake of magnitude 8.8 on the northeast coast of Japan. The devastating earthquake has been the worst in 140 years in the country and fifth in the world, and has activated grade 2 alert for tsunami not only in the country Japan but also in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Pacific coast of America to complete.

Therefore we have begun to evacuate the areas most at risk of being hit by giant waves. In Philippines, one of the countries most prone to natural disastersThe NGO Action Against Hunger has worked in the evacuation of people, which, as explained, “so far has not panicked and is following in order the instructions of local authorities.” The country has finally been reached by waves of just one meter high, like Indonesia.

Various authorities have offered assistance to Japan and other territories may be affected by the tsunami. Both the EU and the U.S. President, Barack Obama, have been willing and ready to help. In fact, the Nipponese have requested assistance from U.S. troops who are in the affected area.

Italy has been one of the states that have offered assistance, as well as the UK, which held an emergency committee to analyze the situation and have humanitarian aid and rescue teams to send to the affected countries in their request.

For his part, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has sent a telegram stating that “Russia is ready to offer necessary assistance to Japan to overcome the aftermath of the tragedy.”

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Vandenberg Launch Schedule 2011

Vandenberg Launch Schedule 2011 – This Vandenberg launch schedule lists rocket and missile launches from Vandenberg AFB for the next six months. It is a composite of unclassified information approved for public release from government, industry, and other sources. This schedule is essentially accurate at the time of publication, but may disagree with other sources. Details on military launches are withheld until they are approved for public release.

Vandenberg Launch Schedule

JAN 20 at 13:08
Delta IV Heavy – SLC-6
Vehicle will launch the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office’s NROL-49 payload

FEB 5 – Time To be announced
Minotaur I – SLC-8
Vehicle will launch the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office’s NROL-66 payload

FEB 23 at 02:09:43
Taurus XL – 576E
Payload is the Glory scientific satellite. Vehicle will carry three small satellites as secondary payloads: Explorer 1 Prime (Montana State University), Hermes (University of Colorado), and KySat-1 (Kentucky space consortium).

MAR 31 – Time To be announced
Atlas V – SLC-3E
Vehicle will launch the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office’s NROL-34 payload

JUN 9 – Unknown
Delta II – SLC-2W
Vehicle will launch Argentina’s SAC-D scientific satellite carrying NASA’s Aquarius instrument

(source : dailypostal)

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Michigan Defensive Coordinator

Michigan Defensive Coordinator – Syracuse’s former head football coach, who was fired Nov. 16, was hired Tuesday afternoon as Michigan’s defensive coordinator, quickly putting Robinson back on the sidelines after four years leading the Orange. The move completes a Syracuse-Michigan defensive coordinator swap. Scott Shafer, who SU hired as its new D-coordinator on Jan. 2, held the same title with the Wolverines last season.

Greg Robinson, former Syracuse head coach was hired as defensive coordinator for Michigan. Robinson was fired from SU Nov. 16, after going 10-37 in four seasons.

Robinson last served as a defensive coordinator in 2004 with Texas and coached the defensive line at UCLA from 1982-1988. He also spent 14 years in the NFL, 10 of which as defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs (2001-2003), Denver Broncos (1995-2000) and New York Jets (1994). He also served as the Jets’ defensive line coach in 1993.

“Greg brings a wealth of experience as a defensive coordinator, both at the collegiate and professional level,” said Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez, who coached against Robinson in the Big East with West Virginia from 2005-2007, in a press release. “We are excited to have Greg, Laura and their entire family join our Michigan family. I know that Greg will work well with our defensive staff, entire football staff and players.”

Though Robinson enjoyed little success as a head coach, compiling a 10-37 record with the Orange, he has fared better as a defensive coordinator. He led the Broncos’ defense when they won consecutive Super Bowls in the 1996-1997 and 1997-1998 seasons.

Robinson takes over a Michigan defense that was ranked No. 67 in the country last season, allowing 366.9 yards per game. Shafer resigned on Dec. 16 after coordinating a defense that allowed 347 points in 2008 – the most in school history. The Wolverines finished 3-9.

Now, about two months after being fired by Syracuse, Robinson has a job again. At his final SU press conference on Dec. 2, a reporter asked Robinson if he expected to coach next season. Robinson laughed and ensured that he would. Apparently, he was right.

“Oh yeah. I’m going to coach. I’m going to coach football,” Robinson said at the press conference. “Are you kidding me?”

Cardwell speaks about de-commitment

Raheem Cardwell never was really sold on Syracuse. Although he committed to the Orange over the summer, he made it clear, essentially from the outset, that it was really more of a soft verbal.

Two weeks ago, about six months after originally giving his word to Syracuse, Cardwell de-committed. Reached by telephone Sunday evening, Cardwell explained why he put himself back on the market.

The main reason? Cardwell said former head coach Greg Robinson, who targeted him heavily from the beginning, had a much different sales pitch from new coach Doug Marrone – one that didn’t sit too well with him.

“With the new coach in and stuff, I wasn’t really familiar with him and didn’t really like the new defensive program,” said Cardwell, a two-star linebacker from Hyattsville, Md., according to “That didn’t work out too well.”

It appears Robinson and Marrone had different plans for how they intended to use Cardwell if he eventually joined the Orange. Cardwell said Robinson ensured him he would have a chance to play outside linebacker – the position he prefers. Marrone suggested he would be relegated to the inside.

“It wasn’t fitting for me. It didn’t fit with what I like. I wasn’t really feeling the program,” Cardwell said. “Coach Marrone said I would be a one-position linebacker. I would be an inside linebacker. I am more used to outside, and I like coming off the edge.”

Playing time was another important factor. Cardwell said he originally committed to Syracuse because Robinson stressed he would have a chance to play – or even start – as a freshman. Marrone didn’t outright refute that claim, but Cardwell said Marrone “implied” he would have to wait a year or two before seeing the field.

“Coming in as a freshman and being a starter, that was one of the things I was really looking for,” Cardwell said. “I wasn’t given that opportunity with coach Marrone. He didn’t say specifically I wouldn’t get to play right away, but it was basically what he was getting at.”

Cardwell first expressed concern about Syracuse in a story that appeared in The Daily Orange on Sept. 17, when he said the Orange’s recent struggles had him unsure about his commitment. On Nov. 16, the day Robinson was fired, Cardwell told The D.O. he was even more unsure, because of his loyalty to Robinson. When Marrone was hired, Cardwell said he wanted to meet the new coach before making a final decision.

Cardwell said he and Marrone met on Jan. 6 in Maryland. He de-committed later that day.

Cardwell said Toledo, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh have expressed interest, but he has not committed anywhere else yet.

“I think coach Robinson had other plans for me,” Cardwell said. “Coach Marrone liked me, but it wasn’t as much as coach Robinson. I didn’t feel as part of the plan. Football is football, that’s the way it is. Some coaches will like you, some not. That’s life.”

(source :

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Teresa Scanlan Raih Mahkota Miss America 2011

Teresa Scanlan Raih Mahkota Miss America 2011 – Teresa Scanlan gadis lulusan SMA berusia 17 tahun dari negara bagian Nebraska pada hari Sabtu meraih mahkota Miss America, Teresa merupakan kontestan termuda yang dapat meraih Miss America.


Teresa Scanlan Miss America 2011

Teresa Scanlan Miss America 2011

Teresa Scanlan mengalahkan 52 gadis lainnya dalam kompetisi yang digelar di kasino dan resor Planet Hollywood di Las Vegas. Scanlan, yang mengatakan ingin menjadi politisi, juga memenangkan beasiswa senilai 50.000 dollar. Ia akan mewakili organisasi Miss America dalam setahun ke depan.

Putri Arkansas dan Putri Hawaii meraih juara kedua dan ketiga.

Para kontestan Miss America mewakili semua 50 negara bagian, ditambah District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands dan Puerto Rico.

Organisasi Miss America mengatakan pemenang akan bepergian rata-rata 20.000 mil atau 32.000 kilometer per bulan mengelilingi Amerika Serikat

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Facebook Akan Ditutup

Facebook Akan Ditutup – Benar atau tidak bahwa facebook akan ditutup tanggal 15 maret tahun 2011 ini, namun isu mengenai rencana penutupan situs jejaring sosial Facebook marak diperbincangkan di dunia maya. Kabarnya situs mendunia itu akan ditutup oleh Mark Zuckerberg, pendiri sekaligus pemilik situs itu. Demikian disebutkan situs Weekly World News mengutip pernyataan Mark Zuckerberg di Palo Alto, California, Amerika Serikat, Sabtu (8/1).

Dalam konferensi pers, menurut situs itu, Zuckerberg mengaku stres mengelola Facebook yang telah di luar kendali sehingga mengganggu hidupnya. Atas dasar itulah, ia akan menutup situs yang memiliki ratusan juta anggota itu pada 15 Maret 2011. Meski demikian, Zuckerberg menilai keputusannya menutup Facebook sangatlah berat.

Namun, situs The Huffington Post tidak percaya rumor tersebut. Salah satu situs berita terbesar di Amerika Serikat itu menyebut isu itu adalah lelucon belaka. Hanya saja, pihaknya mengakui kabar burung itu menyebar begitu cepat lewat situs jejaring sosial Twitter hingga Google Trends tanpa mengetahui asal muasal sumbernya (source : Liputan

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AA Gym & Teh Ninih Cerai?

AA Gym & Teh Ninih Cerai? – Kabar terbaru dari dai kondang asal Kota Kembang Bandung, Aa Gym kembali membuat heboh. Aa Gym dikabarkan sudah bercerai secara agama yaitu mentalak 2 istri pertamanya Teh Ninih, kabar tak sedap tersebut

Sebelumnya Aa Gym membuat gempar publik Indonesia dengan menikah seorang janda cantik yang dikenal dengan sapaan Teh Rini pada 2006 lalu. Di akhir 2009, Aa Gym juga sempat dikabarkan telah digugat cerai oleh Teh Ninih pada Oktober 2009.

Saat dikonfirmasi, salah seorang sahabat keluarga Aa Gym, KH Miftah Faridl membenarkan kabar perceraian tersebut.

“Sudah bercerai secara agama,” ungkap Miftah kepada wartawan di Bandung, Kamis (30/12/2010) malam.

Namun ketika disinggung kapan tepatnya perceraian itu, Miftah mengaku kurang ingat.

Kabar berawal dari pemberitaan di sebuah majalah Islami. Di pemberitaan tersebut tertulis kalau Teh Ninih telah dicerai oleh Aa Gym.

Kontan hal tersebut mengagetkan Miftah. Dia pun segera mengonfirmasi kebenaran kabar tersebut ke istri pertama Aa Gym yang telah dinikahi sejak 1987.

“Melalui sms, teh Ninih membenarkan informasi itu,” ujar pria yang dikenal sebagai Ketua Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) Kota Bandung itu.

Pernikahan Dai bernama lengkap Abdullah Gymnastiar dengan Hajjah Ninih Muthmainnah dikaruniai tujuh anak. Pada 2006, Aa Gym memutuskan berpoligami dan menikahi mantan anak buahnya di MQ Production, Alfarini Eridani yang akrab disapa Teh Rini

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