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Bisbal y Tablada broken

Bisbal y Tablada broken. What until now were only rumors seem to be confirmed: David Bisbal y Elena Tablada have ended their relationship as reported yesterday the website of “Hello.” The magazine notes that although the couple has tried to deal with their differences, have finally decided to part and issue a press release to publicize the news.

The singer from Almería and the designer have a daughter together, little Ella, who was born on February 15 last year and was christened in Miami in March. Since launching their relationship in 2005, David Bisbal, 32, and Elena Tablada, 30, have lived under siege by continuous rumors of separation, but this time from the environment of the couple say the split is official. In fact, it seems that the saying is true that distance makes oblivion, because everything points to the incompatibility of their professional agendas is what has precipitated this outcome. Of course, several weeks ago that some media suggest that the singer would have been quite upset with the publication of photographs that Tablada leaving a nightclub with friends.

According to the site “Vanitatis,” the tense situation would have forced the designer to suspend its participation in a ceremony scheduled for Monday and avoid the harassment of the media. The site also notes as a trigger for the rupture, among other reasons, which table clash would have a staff member who works for the singer. Despite the differences that exist between young people and that seemed to drag on without the engagement perspectives of marriage in sight, in their statements to the media the couple has always been proud of the little family that had built around her daughter Ella. Thus, in one of his many visits to Spain, Elena Tablada said his priority was not to go through the vicarage, but did express his desire to get pregnant before the year is out.

Media harassment
After the controversy surrounding the christening of her daughter in late March, when the couple denounced the harassment of the paparazzi-speculated about possible tensions between Tablada and her family. Something that, but was denied by the protagonists, might have contributed to the wear of the couple. The last time the designer was seen by Spain was the last Thursday in an event organized by the brand Kenzo. Meanwhile, David Bisbal, still immersed in his promotional tour for the album “Without looking back,” Murcia act today to mark the charity concert has been organized for those affected by the earthquake of Lorca, in which he also sing his former girlfriend, Chenoa, Efe reported.

They seemed very well-matched. His last public appearances, it foreshadowed the outcome. In March, David’s parents traveled to Miami to be with a partner (in this), and mid-May, went on vacation to the island of Santorini with her daughter.


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We want to marry Justin

We want to marry Justin – Missing a few hours to begin the concert, and their cries are heard from afar. Waterfront Sports Palace Community of Madrid, the hardcore fans Justin Bieber chant and dance songs from his idol. Should be in school, but have days sleeping on the street to see the young artist from the first row. “Everything to see Justin,” they say.

Colorful hats, glitter, sequins and sunglasses XXL: the careful clothing of the followers of Bieber is not indifferent to pedestrians, who are surprised by the fuss. Are willing to appear on television, and therefore scurry behind the cameras in different media struggling to put some order to the matter.

Anything used to the hours before the door of the Palacio de Deportes elapsed fast: play ‘Twister’ with tickets on the street, sing, dance, paint their faces … Nothing can spoil the experience.

After more than an hour walking around the vast queue, it is difficult to take his mind off the catchy choruses of songs from the young singer. The Canadian artist’s admirers say “Bieber has it all: He is handsome, sings well, has charisma. “But certainly, what they really have pledged are the romantic lyrics of their songs.

‘As long as happy to see my girl’

Many of the girls ‘groupies’ are days waiting in the street “Keeping strict order queue” but not alone waiting mothers, fathers, aunts and brothers who will take you. However, they did not express concern that their daughters, nieces or sisters attending the school for days and even claim that “the concert is a gift to reward the good behavior of the girls.” More than one parent is slipping some “in order to see my girl happy, whatever.”

But the long-suffering parents guarding the young do not have tickets for the concert, though many profess to have become true fans of Bieber, waiting at the door to her daughters until the show comes to an end.

Bieber is not just for girls

Among the flood of quinceañeras in love with the ‘prodigy’, surprised to find a kid who admits to being such a fan of Justin like them. But why do so few children? Ensure that it is a “matter of envy”, as apparently the phenomenon has also blonde who hates him,specifically, according to these fans have been explained to this newspaper, “most of the guys that are around 15 years.”

The short (but true) with the male audience that has the singer says, “Bieber is a great artist, sings and dances well, composes letters coming …” and why not? also recognize that his body has been a crucial factor for achieving success.

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“The Oscar is a lottery”

“The Oscar is a lottery” – Bardem comes to his third nomination for an Oscar. The first was achieved a decade ago by Before Night Falls (Julian Schnabel), the second in 2008 for No Country for Old Men (Coen brothers’) for which he won his award. Without mentioning Javier family enjoyed their meeting at the Mondrian hotel in Los Angeles under an atrocious rain for the gala promises to withdraw.


Bardem comes to his third nomination for an Oscar. The first was achieved a decade ago by Before Night Falls (Julian Schnabel), the second in 2008 for No Country for Old Men (Coen brothers’) for which he won his award. Without mentioning Javier family enjoyed their meeting at the Mondrian hotel in Los Angeles under an atrocious rain for the gala promises to withdraw.

How do you feel with his third nomination?

It’s a blast. The other day I went to lunch candidates and it was as if for the first time. I like to share this moment with them because I tell them how important their work for me and what I admire. That’s what makes me more excited in these cases. After all the hoopla is about where you spend weeks excited. I try not to find out the pools and I do not have anything, but it is impossible. It’s a lottery and I think it’s not good to exceed, we lose the greatness of this, which is a candidate for a movie in Spanish. That is already a great victory.

Are you confused as much admiration from peers?

Man, let’s see. I’ve been there three times and I know what is the process. I know what’s inside, how it moves. And the truth is that it is very strange. Is very good and very excited because we all like to give us awards and flatter us, but we must put away to avoid confusion.

If he wins the Oscar, who is going to spend?

A lot of people. The other day at the Goya I was very nervous because I was in front of my profession, my people, my country. I meant a sentence that does not end, he received the Goya as a hug from my colleagues and that means a lot to me. Are these things that make you trust a little more (snorts). If a miracle, you do not believe, I dedicate to them. I very much who I have always with me.

A decade has passed since his first nomination. How has your perspective of Hollywood?

There is talk of Hollywood as a huge monster that devours. This is an industry where there is room for many people. Comparing me to ten years ago, now I’m more comfortable, quiet and relaxed. I had not realized they had been ten years. If I look at and evaluate the truth is that it is quite surprising that has received much support from industry and so well accepted. Interestingly without having pursued, it is perhaps more relevant. Because, well, I never suggested I come here. It was an accident and I have done quite well.

The directors are scrambling to work with you is it difficult to choose the right script?

Yes, but I had the very great fortune that there was always someone offering me an opportunity of interesting material. Then I have prepared themselves well. I’ve never done a role to be effective, but because he had a real need for a story, whatever.
And always talk to mature as an actor in each role

For me it is most important. It’s the only reason this is done. We all have to live and focus on something to make money but in that sense I was very lucky because many people have given me their confidence and keep working when they know it’s difficult being an actor. Act to get into the skin of another to part with personal judgments against other people, situations, societies, characteristics that one might have a strong bias. That stays with you and makes you a person more open and less judgmental.

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Celebrity all star game 2011

Celebrity all star game 2011 – Video games long ago ceased to be a form of entertainment associated with the youngest, became a means of entertainment for all ages and sectors. From the student to the executive enjoy consoles, and not remain outside the celebrities. Celebrities like Kristen Bell , Megan Fox and Vin Diesel are avid players, even becoming experts in their favorite titles or creators of new games. Here we present the most famous ‘gamers’.

Celebrity All Star Game 2011 - pict :

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Lara Logan Assault……….

Lara Logan Assault – Rape is something that should never to be made light of, never to be joked about and the victim should never be considered to be “asking for it,” just because they are attractive. But that’s just what seems to be happening in the wake of the brutal assault on Lara Logan. The CBS corespondent was raped during what should have been a night of celebration, but instead Lara Logan was viciously assaulted on February 11th. She is now safely back in the states and is recuperating in the hospital. This was a horrible attack, one that she – and no-one – deserves, but some sites are implying that just because she happened to be blond and attractive, that this scenario was not just occupational hazard of being pretty but that this kind of attack was inevitable.

What is being said?

On February 3rd,  after news that Lara Logan had been detained in Egypt, The Mofo Politics blog said, “OMG if I were her captors and there were no sanctions for doing so?  I would totally rape her.”  But after their fantasy came true, they deleted that part of the blog post saying,  “Super funny joke deleted in light of the sad news that Lara Logan actually was raped in Egypt.  Can I just say, however, that I sooo totally called this.”

Oh my god. How tacky is that?

And it’s not just them, although not as hardcore. The LA Weekly writer Simone Wilson made a point to  mention Logan’s “shocking good looks and ballsy knack for pushing her way to the heart of the action.”  She took liberties in trying to imagine what happened that night saying: “In a rush of frenzied excitement, some Egyptian protestors apparently consummated their newfound independence by sexually assaulting the blonde reporter.”  Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams gave her reply saying, “Well, sure, what other motive for an assault could there be, given that Logan is, in Wilson’s words, a “gutsy stunner” with “Hollywood good looks?” And how else do Egyptians celebrate anyway but with a gang rape?  It’s not like she deserved it, but well, she is hot, right?”

Why, just because Lara Logan is attractive does it make the act of brutal assault justifiable? If she was more homely would there be more outrage?

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Niki Minaj Feat Drake’s on Moment 4 Life Video

Niki Minaj Feat Drake’s on Moment 4 Life Video – The Thank Me Later rapper co-starred as Nicki’s love interest in her “Moment 4 Life” video, adding more intrigue to their flirtatious union. But when the Pink Friday star explained how she managed to reel Drizzy in for the clip, she proved to be a pretty demanding lady.

“It wasn’t hard to get Drake. Drake does what I tell him to do,” Nicki laughed to MTV News’ Sway during an exclusive interview after the “Moment 4 Life” premiere. “I’m Nicki Minaj! You know Drake does what I tell him to do.”

The two have carried on a playful romance over Twitter, in interviews and in song for some time now. But the two Lil Wayne protégés have a strong friendship, according to Nicki.

Out of her multiple videos in support of Pink Friday, she said she was the most comfortable with Drake as a co-star over the leads in the other clips.

“That energy is amazing,” she said. “I just have a special place for him. He always makes me feel like it’s OK. You know, just chill, relax, jokes. It’s never to the point where I don’t want to be there anymore, ‘Let’s wrap this up.’ Having Drake there, it felt like we could have shot a second day for this video, and I could be fine. He’s someone I look up to, he got a head start. So he’s able to tell me things I don’t know and I can confide in him.”

And like siblings, she also admitted, the two can be competitive despite their camaraderie.

“I’mma try to body you on this track but I love you to death,” she described of their kinship. “It’s dope.”

What did you think of Nicki and Drake’s romance in the “Moment 4 Life” clip? Let us know in the comments below!

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Chris Medina American Idol Sings For Girlfriend Julia Ramos video

Chris Medina American Idol Sings For Girlfriend Julia Ramos video – Chris Medina is working to make two ‘American Idol’ dreams come true.  The 26-year old barista from Illinois appeared on Wednesday’s tryout episode of the national singing competition, and brought with him his girlfriend, Julia Ramos. She was there for a different kind of inspiration: two weeks before they were to marry, Ramos was in a car accident, leaving her with brain damage.

Now Ramos’ caretaker, Medina tried out for the show, bringing Ramos along and introducing her to judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Did he make the cut? Watch below.

Some fans and pundits have expressed support for Medina, while others think that his motives and actions were exploitative.

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