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Devil May Cry Game Will Become Movie

Devil May Cry Game Will Become Movie – The popular video game ‘Devil May Cry’ prepares his leap to the big screen. Screen Gems, a production company belonging to the framework of the giant Sony already made into a movie in the series Resident Evil, Capcom’s license also has acquired the movie rights to the game.

Reveals a report published by Variety is the intention of the study, as it did with ‘Resident Evil’, create a story that for several movies. To this end have already begun work on the script to Kyle Ward, one of the screenwriters of the film ‘Kane & Lynch’ (another game, this time from Eidos) whose script is still in a drawer waiting for someone to haul in production.

The series created by Capcom in 2001 for PlayStation 2 tells the story of Dante, the protagonist half human and half demon, son of Eva, a human, and Sparda, one of the most powerful demons ever. After the death of his mother, Dante hunts demons to sword and also his twin pistols Ebony and Ivory. Do not skimp.

After losing the success and impact of the first rendition of ‘Devil May Cry, Capcom plans to reinvent the franchise with a new release which will have a completely different aesthetic. Dante will also undergo a thorough facelift.

Development (For Xbox 360 and PS3) is working, for more evidence that we look for a profound change, a non-Japanese, Ninja Theory, since England has signed works such as ‘Heavenly Sword’ (PS3) and ‘Enslaved’ (PS3 and Xbox 360).

It now remains to see if the Screen Gems movie plans can follow the canons of the first series, in which Dante is a sturdy white-haired avenging, or the new in which it is a much younger character and appearance weaker.

Anyway, there is not no director or cast, or even start date of shooting the film ‘Devil May Cry. ” Yes, the producers want the first installment of the saga is in theaters in summer 2013.


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