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We want to marry Justin

We want to marry Justin – Missing a few hours to begin the concert, and their cries are heard from afar. Waterfront Sports Palace Community of Madrid, the hardcore fans Justin Bieber chant and dance songs from his idol. Should be in school, but have days sleeping on the street to see the young artist from the first row. “Everything to see Justin,” they say.

Colorful hats, glitter, sequins and sunglasses XXL: the careful clothing of the followers of Bieber is not indifferent to pedestrians, who are surprised by the fuss. Are willing to appear on television, and therefore scurry behind the cameras in different media struggling to put some order to the matter.

Anything used to the hours before the door of the Palacio de Deportes elapsed fast: play ‘Twister’ with tickets on the street, sing, dance, paint their faces … Nothing can spoil the experience.

After more than an hour walking around the vast queue, it is difficult to take his mind off the catchy choruses of songs from the young singer. The Canadian artist’s admirers say “Bieber has it all: He is handsome, sings well, has charisma. “But certainly, what they really have pledged are the romantic lyrics of their songs.

‘As long as happy to see my girl’

Many of the girls ‘groupies’ are days waiting in the street “Keeping strict order queue” but not alone waiting mothers, fathers, aunts and brothers who will take you. However, they did not express concern that their daughters, nieces or sisters attending the school for days and even claim that “the concert is a gift to reward the good behavior of the girls.” More than one parent is slipping some “in order to see my girl happy, whatever.”

But the long-suffering parents guarding the young do not have tickets for the concert, though many profess to have become true fans of Bieber, waiting at the door to her daughters until the show comes to an end.

Bieber is not just for girls

Among the flood of quinceaƱeras in love with the ‘prodigy’, surprised to find a kid who admits to being such a fan of Justin like them. But why do so few children? Ensure that it is a “matter of envy”, as apparently the phenomenon has also blonde who hates him,specifically, according to these fans have been explained to this newspaper, “most of the guys that are around 15 years.”

The short (but true) with the male audience that has the singer says, “Bieber is a great artist, sings and dances well, composes letters coming …” and why not? also recognize that his body has been a crucial factor for achieving success.


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