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Different countries are willing to assist Japan

Different countries are willing to assist Japan – Enough help to help those affected by earthquake of magnitude 8.8 on the northeast coast of Japan. The devastating earthquake has been the worst in 140 years in the country and fifth in the world, and has activated grade 2 alert for tsunami not only in the country Japan but also in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Pacific coast of America to complete.

Therefore we have begun to evacuate the areas most at risk of being hit by giant waves. In Philippines, one of the countries most prone to natural disastersThe NGO Action Against Hunger has worked in the evacuation of people, which, as explained, “so far has not panicked and is following in order the instructions of local authorities.” The country has finally been reached by waves of just one meter high, like Indonesia.

Various authorities have offered assistance to Japan and other territories may be affected by the tsunami. Both the EU and the U.S. President, Barack Obama, have been willing and ready to help. In fact, the Nipponese have requested assistance from U.S. troops who are in the affected area.

Italy has been one of the states that have offered assistance, as well as the UK, which held an emergency committee to analyze the situation and have humanitarian aid and rescue teams to send to the affected countries in their request.

For his part, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has sent a telegram stating that “Russia is ready to offer necessary assistance to Japan to overcome the aftermath of the tragedy.”


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